Omfg "talk about" is a lot cuter than ask me
  • 1: Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
  • 2: Talk about your first kiss.
  • 3: Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for.
  • 4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
  • 5: Talk about the best birthday you've had.
  • 6: Talk about the worst birthday you've had.
  • 7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.
  • 8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
  • 9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
  • 10: Talk about the biggest fight you've ever had.
  • 11: Talk about the best dream you've ever had.
  • 12: Talk about the worst dream you've ever had.
  • 13: Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
  • 14: Talk about a vacation.
  • 15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.
  • 16: Talk about the best party you've ever been to.
  • 17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.
  • 18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school.
  • 19: Talk about something that happened in middle school.
  • 20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
  • 21: Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.
  • 22: Talk about your worst fear.
  • 23: Talk about a time someone turned you down.
  • 24: Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.
  • 25: Talk about an ex-best friend.
  • 26: Talk about things you do when you're sick.
  • 27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body.
  • 28: Talk about your fetishes.
  • 29: Talk about what turns you on.
  • 30: Talk about what turns you off.
  • 31: Talk about what you think death is like.
  • 32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.
  • 33: Talk about what you do when you are sad.
  • 34: Talk about the worst physical pain you've endured.
  • 35: Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
  • 36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
  • 37: Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.
  • 38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
  • 39: Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier.
  • 40: Talk about the end of something in your life.


a fun and interesting fact about me is that im a fucking idiot

Sometimes I worry that I’m depressed, I don’t feel like making art, or going on bike rides, or doing much of anything because I simply feel like I have no interest in them. I also have been noticeably insomniac for a while. Not to mention I’ve gained weight, and can’t seem to stop eating even though i have no real appetite. Plus i just feel lonely with Heath being so far away, and Emily barely talking to me. I just don’t have anything to do, and I want to be my old self. I want to want to make art, or be active. I miss having drive.


i want all the extra fat on my body to fall off and turn into cash

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I don’t know why I have so much pent up resentment for her. Maybe because I know she talks down about me behind my back to his siblings. Or because she just got here and already has an engagement ring and a baby when that’s what I want, and I’ve been here 3 times longer. Maybe it’s because she reminds me a lot of Remy, but instead of the genuine friendship and love that remy shows me, she all I see is a pair of judgemental eyes. I have to tell myself that I’m going to college and doing things for my future, and having great experiences that I don’t want to miss, and she’ll never get. It’s so much easier to reciprocate kindness, than it is to just put a brave face on and be nice when I know how she feels.
I’m feeling so creatively vacant lately. Like my desire to make art has left me. I have a half finished painting sitting on an easel in my room that I started over a month ago. I have design ideas posted on pinterest that I want to rework into posters and start an etsy and sell my work, I just don’t have the drive to do it right now. I almost feel like I’ve lost my happiness. Most of the time I just sit alone while everyone else in my life goes on with what’s important to them, and I can’t even muster up the desire to do what’s important to me. I feel like I’m being forgotten.


i’m just tired and sad and want to makeout with you

  • me: walks into living room
  • tv: tonight on how its made
  • me: stands in same spot for 30 minutes watching how garbage bags are made
Long distance isn’t cute. It’s hell and loneliness. I dream of your damn face every night but I never wake up beside it and all I do any more is text you at three a.m. and if that’s cute then pain and suffering is too.
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Lagoon // Iceland #2


ok thanks

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