Don’t use the vacuum in the same room as her


Guys, i was literally just singing and decided to yak it and i got 46 ups.

Hi I’m extremely bored, kik me: monicameraa


miss my boy sooo much D:

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I just want someone to talk to, anyone please. Are you out there?

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Silently hoping that our 4 year is the day you finally put a ring on it. A girl can dream, I’m just sick of people asking when it will happen… Yes cause i know. Also sick of watching everyone else get engaged, i want to be a part of that.

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Do you ever feel so painfully alone. Like all you want to do is have a good time with your good friends and no one is available or invites you to hang out. So you’re all alone in the verge of tears and feel sorry for yourself, but at the same time blame yourself.


Barbara Palvin ph. by Emmanuelle Haugue, 2010